RPW Exclusive: Jessey Mueller Makes Change For Super DIRT Week; Other News & Notes

Column By: BOBBY CHALMERS / RPW – OSWEGO, NY – It was a very simple day on Tuesday for Inspection at the Oswego Speedway to kick off Super DIRT Week 2019. No real issues when it came to cars going through tech, but one item that caught people’s attention was the bright yellow and blue #19 of Jessey Mueller.

While the car was a real head turner, the main reason it caught some attention was the fact that his Big Block Modified car was a Bicknell chassis, unlike in previous years where he was in the DKM camp.

For Mueller, it was time for a change.

“I’ve been thinking about this for a while,” Mueller said. “I was just ready to try something else. We had this car for about a month or so and I wanted to bring it here.”

Now Jessey isn’t leaving the DKM camp entirely. He’ll be racing one of his Cyclone Chassis this week as well when he attempts to qualify for the Salute the Troops 150 358-Modified Championship on Saturday.

“This is the car and engine that we use to win at Albany-Saratoga a few weeks ago,” he said. “It’s a good piece and I think we can do well with it here.”

One thing he’s not doing this week is running any of the satellite shows nightly at the area tracks. Mueller decided to forgo those races to focus his efforts on the races at the “Clay Palace.”

“It is physically draining to try and do all the night shows and still be strong here at Oswego,” he said. “We did that last year and it was a killer. We decided to keep our eyes on what we need to do here this year.”


One guy who has a lot of experience and love for Super DIRT Week is Tim McCreadie. Tim was at Inspection Day on Tuesday, but not with a car he will be piloting. He was there to help out teammate Kyle Coffey.

Due to commitments with his Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt program last year, McCreadie was at Oswego but had to leave to compete in the Pittsburgher in Pennsylvania on Sunday. That forced him to leave the track without attempting to make the field.

This year, the Lucas Oil LM tour is in the state of Georgia this coming weekend so that is where McCreadie needs to be. He is currently in second in points with just a handful of races remaining.

“Yea it sucks that we won’t be here this year, but I get a few days to help out Kyle before I leave,” McCreadie said. “Vic (Coffey, Kyle’s dad) needed some help getting the car here and the camper so I told him I’d help. Kyle’s learning so I would love to help him as much as I can.”

McCreadie’s luck, as of late, with the Late Model has picked up considerably. The Watertown, NY native has picked up a few big money wins and has been a consistent top five car the last two months. He’s been in the top three on multiple occasions to move up in the point standings.

“We’ve been better lately,” he said. “No real complaints. We’ve been running top five a lot of the time, but just got to keep it going.”

Tim knows that being able to catch leader Jonathan Davenport probably won’t happen, but he and his team just need to try and improve each race.

“Jonathan’s so far out, nobody’s catching him right now,” he said. “We’ve gotten better with a lot of things. Our engine program has improved and that’s been big. We’ve also hit on some things with the car itself.”

With his recent success, Tim’s confidence is back.

“We just need to keep plugging away at it,” he said. “I am way more confident right now than I was in the beginning of the year. Just have to keep plugging along.”

While he hasn’t set in a Dirt Modified at all this year, McCreadie did say he’s entertained a few phone calls about possibly running for someone at Eastern States at Orange County in a few weeks.

While he didn’t disclose who the owner was, he said he hasn’t made up his mind just yet if he’ll accept the offer.

“I haven’t made up my mind yet because just jumping into something and wanting to run well isn’t easy,” he said. “I want to go to Middletown right now because it looks like the surface is more fun where it’s icy slick. It’d be more fun than it was but I don’t want to go there and not run well.”


Gypsum Racing’s Scott Jeffery is happy to have Billy Decker back in the fold this year. While he has his good friend back racing with him, it does have its downfalls.

“This means I’ve had more work to do,” Jeffery said with a laugh. “It was kind of nice the last couple years. It was almost like vacation.”

In all seriousness, he loves having Billy back in Gypsum cars again.

“It’s good having him back but just means more work,” he said.

This week, Decker will be running both the Big Block and Small Block portions of Super DIRT Week at Oswego. With that, a little extra work was needed to be done in the shop.

“We have a brand new car for Billy to run in the Big Blocks here at Oswego,” he said. “We put a 358 engine in one of our older cars so that’s why I had to put a new Big Block car together.”


The amount of machinery that went through the tech line on Tuesday at Oswego has officials very encouraged about car counts this week.

The totals for Tuesday were as follows:

  • Big Blocks: 51
  • Small Blocks: 51
  • Sportsman: 36
  • Pro Stocks: 6

That is for a total of 144. Last year on Tuesday, 113 cars went through tech.

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